Felipe Ribeiro

Biblioteca Nacional por Vários propriet.Diseño de identidad para la Biblioteca Nacional - Diseño III - Cát. Yantorno 2011. (FADU) Universidad de Buenos Aires.
The MEAT—Social Marketing Workshop por Vários propriet.Packaging design, direct mail, and printed materials for The MEAT—4 Critical Social Strategies for Successful Social Marketing, Jibe’s own social marketing workshop.
Roam Magazine por sean_oconnorRoam Magazine observes the specific subculture of skaterboarders and artists, and their interests and activities. It studies the structure and behavior of this specific youth culture. Roam’s intended audience is one with attention and curiosity in skate and art culture and its creative, experimental nature. Roam is filled with mixed emotions. We like to think of it as serious fun. Roam includes articles, photos, illustrations, collages, doodles, and many other visual expressions on various topics including photography, design, public interactions, traveling, poetry, and any other random things that can be found within this subculture. Roam’s goal is to make a Magazine with genuine content; one which resonates with skaters and artists in this subculture.   Roam’s personal approach to this idea of a magazine makes for a more intimate and geniune read. Roam Magazine focuses less on the physical act of skating and more on the people you meet while skating and the places you go, through skating.  Roam Magazine is neither a step in the right direction nor a step in the wrong. It is simply a step to the side. Roam is not trying to change the world but rather give its audience something different, and worth-while reading.
Magazin No. 22 der Kulturstiftung des Bundes  por neuegestaltungMagazine of the German Federal Cultural Foundation

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